BooksSmart, Inc.
Cooperative Internet Bookkeeping
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BooksSmart, Inc. offers a unique set of services to our clients:

  • Internet Bookkeeping
  • Direct Deposit Payrolls
  • Bill Payment
  • Bank Deposits
  • Expense Report Posting

We specialize in cooperative (collaborative) Internet bookkeeping for entreprenuerial companies. By that we mean that we work with you to do whatever portions of your bookkeeping that you want us to do. You can do some or as much of your bookkeeping as you want to do, and we can do the rest of the bookkeeping tasks over the Internet from our office. We provide training and catch-up services to get you up and running, and then we can do many (or even most or all) of your bookkeeping tasks over the Internet. With few exceptions, we do not need to come to your office to do most of our bookkeeping work for you. We utilize QuickBooks Online Edition to place your books on a secure (and backed-up) data server where we can access your bookkeeping information at the same time that you can.

There are numerous advantages:

  • Your books are secure
  • Your books are always backed up
  • You can access them from anywhere
  • We can access them together for training or questions
  • Your books are tied to your online banking capabilities for ease of posting and thoroughness