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Bookkeeping Solutions for Entrepreneurial Businesses

Internet Bookkeeping

Working cooperatively with you, we keep your books current by doing all of the mundane, time-consuming tasks that are required to keep your books in order.  The only bookkeeping tasks you do are the ones you want to or need to because of your in-depth knowledge of your business.

Direct Deposit Payrolls

We do direct-deposit payrolls for small businesses.  Your employees receive their check stubs by secure email, and their pay is deposited in their accounts on your payday.  We pay all of your taxes online, and post your payroll information to your books.  We keep you informed by email of payroll-related issues.

Bill Payment

We can pay your bills.  Depending on your needs and cash flow issues, we can pay your bills in a variety of ways.  You send them to us.  We can print checks and send them out directly, or we can send them back to you for final review and signatures.

Bank Deposits

For our accounts in the Indianapolis area or those using large banks that have branches in Indianapolis, we can receive, post, and deposit your incoming checks for you.

Expense Report Preparation

For account and sales reps who are required to submit detailed expense reports, we offer you the option of allowing us to prepare your expense reports in a format acceptable to your employer.  This is often a tedious and time consuming task.  Let us give you some of your life back!

How safe is Internet bookkeeping?  QuickBooks® Online Edition, "uses the same technology used by online banks and brokerages to transmit your private data over the Internet."  If your password is known only to you and us, then your books are safe. 

As an Internet-based bookkeeping service, BooksSmart utilizes QuickBooks® Online Edition to safely, efficiently, and effectively maintain your specific bookkeeping needs.  Through QuickBooks® Online Edition, you have the freedom to access, review, and make changes to your books concurrently with BooksSmart.  Most importantly, you get your life back by allowing other qualified individuals to do mundane, repetitive, time-consuming tasks that do not add anything to your bottom line. Your time is most valuable selling and operating your business. Let us help you track it!